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Report viewer show timeout after 30 sec..

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Report Designer (standalone)
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Gaurav asked on 17 Oct 2013, 04:04 AM
My problem is much same like in This link.
Every time my report shows me time out exception .
 I also Implements IReportServiceClientFactory in my reportviwer's class and provide custum bindin like this :_\

    Function Create(ByVal remoteAddress As Uri) As ReportServiceClient Implements IReportServiceClientFactory.Create

        Dim binding = New BasicHttpBinding()
        binding.MaxBufferSize = Integer.MaxValue
        binding.MaxReceivedMessageSize = Integer.MaxValue
        binding.ReceiveTimeout = New TimeSpan(0, 30, 0)
        binding.SendTimeout = New TimeSpan(0, 30, 0)
        binding.OpenTimeout = New TimeSpan(0, 30, 0)
        binding.TransferMode = TransferMode.StreamedResponse
        Dim endpointAddress As New EndpointAddress(remoteAddress)
        Return New ReportServiceClient(binding, endpointAddress)

    End Function

But nothing seems to be working.... Now i am help less......

One more thing... i am using telerik standalone tool to develop reports so ther is no possibility of needdatasource   i guess ??

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Report Designer (standalone)
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