Report viewer export to word timeout problem

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Report Viewer - ASP.NET
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Alex asked on 25 Jan 2022, 11:47 AM

Dear all,

          I have a report which will load for a certain period of time. When it is generated, I will export the word format. However, when I export it after a certain time, the report viewer says "session expired". I have change the "sesssionstate timeout" in web.config to "480" minutes. However, the report viewer does not last the report for that long time. How can I increate the timeout to export the report? The following is my setting in web.config.

<sessionState timeout="480"></sessionState>



Telerik team
commented on 28 Jan 2022, 01:44 PM

Hi Alex,

To my understanding, you are using the ASP.NET WebForms ReportViewer. According to the description of the problem, it seems that you are falling into the first case of the described in Report is unavailable or session has expired error message article problems which is an expired session.

Another approach is keeping the Session alive is to place some kind of a Timer Control that will make a periodic request to the server and will reset the Session's expiration time.

Also, may I ask you to provide us the Fiddler Jam log? It will give us more details about the problem. Please, check how you may log and submit the captured traffic. See also the How to Record a Log with the Fiddler Jam Extension Youtube video for clarity.

I will be looking forward to receiving an update from you.

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Report Viewer - ASP.NET
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