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  1. Charles
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    Posted 06 Oct 2017 Link to this post

    I have a report that works great on just about every computer in the building. However we have a small subset of users that when they print, it scales the print to only the top left of the page at half width and half height. 

    It's printing the whole report but it doesn't cover the entire page. 

    I've found the issue is only in Parallels Windows 10 VMs. These VMs are all bootcamp partitions Parallels is mounting to run as a VM. If the user reboots and boots directly off the partition, running Windows using Bootcamp, the report prints fine. I'm assuming this problem is an issue related to the graphics driver Parallels. 

    I've confirmed this on multiple Macs. Sierra and High Sierra and a few different versions of Parallels, including the latest build.

    The report launches as clickonce app built with VS2017 and I'm using C# to load and modify the report. 

    Any suggestions? 

  2. David
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    Posted 06 Oct 2017 in reply to Charles Link to this post

    I am somewhat at a loss on how to help you.  You did not identify the technology hosting the reports.  Is it a MVC or (ajax) solution?  Are we talking HTML5 viewers or older technologies?

    I have had a similar problem when viewing reports on the screen depending upon the browser version and server/os versions.  I had several reports that basically displayed "in the top left corner" of a display.  


    My testing found that the "viewport" of a given page was not sizing to fit the available page space. I found that I had to explicitly set the height and width to accurately render 100% of the time.  In ASP.NET world I used the init event to set the size based upon the current environment.


    Your mention of VM's suggests a possibility you might have overlooked.  If you are literally rendering to a printer object your page must render to the current printers page settings.  If you did not set the printer up properly you might be using a weird page size and not know it.  That could easily explain your observed results.    I use a Parallels VM to develop windows solutions on a Mac myself. I have multiple projects using hundreds of reports.  I have never seen directly what you are saying.

  3. Charles
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    Posted 06 Oct 2017 in reply to David Link to this post

    Sorry, my brain is a little worthless today. 

    I'm using the windows forms viewer to display the report. The report shows normally in the viewer, it's only when the person prints from the viewer does it scale wrong. 

  4. Katia
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    Posted 10 Oct 2017 Link to this post

    Hi Charles,

    The issue might be connected to the DPI settings of the machine. WinForms ReportViewer uses the Image Rendering that takes information about the DPI settings from the application and the machine.

    As WinForms applications are not DPI aware by default, test declaring the application as DPI aware by adding a dpiAware element to the application manifest - check Windows Forms Application - Declaring the application as DPI-aware for more detailed information.

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