repeatable report header as data line in pdf, excel export

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Natalia asked on 24 Oct 2022, 09:33 PM

Hello There.

I'm trying to export data from the report viewer to pdf and excel.

The problem is in the place where in the report I have a page break I see the table in the export as a data row.

Please advise how to fix it.

Thanks a lot.

Telerik team
commented on 27 Oct 2022, 12:18 PM

Does the table have RowHeadersPrintOnEveryPage or ColumnHeadersPrintOnEveryPage set to true?

I would appreciate it If I could see the exported PDF and Excel files alongside the report definition in order to get a better idea of the problem.

In any case, if the issue appears only in those rendering extensions, you may hide the table conditionally with Conditional Formatting or with Bindings using the value of the RenderingFormat.Name global object.

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