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    I want to show a RowDetails on a RadTreeListView but only when a row is selected AND only on spesifics rows.

    So i try to bind the DetailsVisibility like this:

    <Style TargetType="telerik:TreeListViewRow">
    <Setter Property="DetailsVisibility">
                                <MultiBinding Converter="{StaticResource ParameterStepSynchronizeRowDetailsVisibilityConverter}">
                                    <Binding Path="HasDetails"></Binding>
                                    <Binding Path="GridSelected"></Binding>
    <Setter Property="IsSelected" Value="{Binding GridSelected, Mode=OneWayToSource}"></Setter>

    It works fine but when i scroll down until can't see this item and them i go top, i don't know why but when my selection change my converter is never call again.

    How can i perform this?

    Thank you in advance
  2. Answer
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    Generally, working with the visual elements would not be a recommended approach. Since RadTreeListView supports UI Virtualization, its rows/cells are reused, which means that on scrolling each row is loaded and unloaded. You can check our online documentation on UI Virtualization for a further reference. In your case the TreeListViewRows are recycled as you scroll up and down and this should be the reason why the converter stops being called. You can do a simple test - set EnableRowVirtualization="False" and test again.

    I can suggest you an alternative solution. In order to be able to expand row details on row selection, you should configure RadGridView with RowDetailsVisibilityMode="VisibleWhenSelected". You can also refer to the Row Details Visibility article.

    Then, you can subscribe for the RowDetailsVisibilityChanging event and apply some additional logic.
    For example:
    private void GridView_RowDetailsVisibilityChanging(object sender, Telerik.Windows.Controls.GridView.RowDetailsVisibilityChangingEventArgs e)
        if (e.NewVisibility == Visibility.Visible && !(e.Row.Item as Club).HasHierarchy)
            e.Cancel = true;

    Let me know how this works for you.

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  3. Jerome
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    Posted 18 Aug 2014 in reply to Dimitrina Link to this post

    Your solution works fine, thank you very much!
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