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    I'm using the Telerik's Docking control to create an advance UI, but I'm having some problems to achieve a neccesary behaviour with the RadPanes.

    I have a main RadDocking control that contains three main RadPanes in one RadPaneGroup. Also, each of these three RadPanes contains another two RadPane, but... I want to these new two RadPanes move and dock in the context of the parent RadPane only.

    - RadDocking
      -- RadPane main1
        -- RadPane child1
        -- RadPane child2
      -- RadPane main2
      -- RadPane main3

    RadPane main1, RadPane main2 and RadPane main3 can move, dock and change the positions between them as usual.
    RadPane child1 and RadPane child2 can move, dock and change the positions between them, but cannot move in a context out of RadPane main1. Also, if you move RadPane main1, the RadPane child1 and RadPane child2 will be move with RadPane main1 as like as a usual content.

    Currently, all RadPanes (main and childs) can move and dock to any place in the windows. I do not want this.

    I thought that creating a new RadDocking into RadPane main1 will solve this, but RadDockings in RadDocking is not allowed.

    On the other hand, I know that in WinForms using ToolTabStrip this behaviour is possible, but I do not know how to do in WPF.
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    The described scenario is considered nested Docking controls which in the current version of RadDocking is not supported. We are currently researching all the possible use cases of such functionality and we will do our best to implement it as a built-in feature in one of our future releases of RadDocking.

    We logged this as a feature request in our Public Issue Tracker System where you can vote for it and track its status.


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