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    Is it possible to customize the appearance of a Needle in a RadialScale? If so, how? The default needle looks like a stick with a sort of diamond at the end. I want a needle that looks like an elongated triangle or like the one shown in the Gauge demo (http://demos.telerik.com/wpf/). From what I can tell, the example code does not show how the needle shape is defined. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
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    Yes, it is possible to customize the appearance of a Needle. Like most of the WPF controls Needle can have different templates and styles. To change appearance of the Needle you have to create new control template and style. For example:
    <ControlTemplate x:Key="TriangleNeedleTemplate" TargetType="{x:Type telerik:Needle}">  
        <Grid Width="{TemplateBinding ActualWidth}" 
              Height="{TemplateBinding ActualHeight}">  
                <ColumnDefinition Width="{TemplateBinding ActualHeight}"/>  
                <ColumnDefinition Width="*" /> 
                <RowDefinition Height="{TemplateBinding ActualHeight}" /> 
            <Polygon Grid.ColumnSpan="2" 
                 Points="0,0 1,0.5 0,1 0,0" 
                 Fill="{TemplateBinding Background}">  
    <Style x:Key="TriangleNeedleStyle" TargetType="{x:Type telerik:Needle}">  
        <Setter Property="Template" Value="{StaticResource TriangleNeedleTemplate}" /> 
    Now you can apply new style to the needle in your project:
        <telerik:RadialScale Name="radialScale">  
                <telerik:Needle Name="needle"                 
                    Style="{StaticResource TriangleNeedleStyle}"/>  

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