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  1. Kevin Hendriks
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    Posted 26 Jan 2011 Link to this post

    On my Gauage I have a Needel, this needle has a certain value. now I want the Radial bar to start at this value and then go further.
    Is this possible? Or do I need to use the radial range?
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    Hi Kevin Hendriks,

    It can be implemented with radial bar, but you still should use ranges. The radial bar can use background specified in ranges. So you can setup 2 ranges: 1 with transparent indicator's background and 1 with non- transparent indicator's background, and force radial range use range background in the ProportionalBrush mode. For example:

                <telerik:RangeBase Name="invisible"
                           Min="0" Max="10"
                           IndicatorBackground="Transparent" />
                <telerik:RangeBase Name="visible"
                           Min="10" Max="100"
                           IndicatorBackground="Green" />
                <telerik:RadialBar Name="bar" 
                           Value="20" />
                <telerik:Needle Name="needle" Value="10" ValueChanged="SetupRanges" />

    private void SetupRanges(object sender, Windows.Controls.Gauges.RoutedPropertyChangedEventArgs<double> e)
        if (this.needle != null)
            this.invisible.Max = needle.Value;
            this.visible.Min = needle.Value;

    All the best,
    Andrey Murzov
    the Telerik team
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