Radeditor - issues in Chrome and IE relating to Paragraph Style window and selected text

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    Hi there

    I have noticed an issue in Chrome and IE (all versions) where the Paragraph Style window is not displaying the correct format (as visible in the HTML code)

    In the ToolsFile.xml, is the following code:

            <paragraph name="<h2>Heading 2</h2>" value="<h2>" />
            <paragraph name="<h3>Heading 3</h3>" value="<h3>" />
            <paragraph name="<h4>Heading 4</h4>" value="<h4>" />
        <paragraph name="<h5>Sub content</h4>" value="<h5>" />
            <paragraph name="<p>Paragraph</p>" value="<p>" />

    When selecting a block of text in chrome that has been formatted with <p> tags, or clicking inside a block of text  in Internet Explorer that has been formatted with <p> tags, the Paragraph Style window displays as 'Normal' as opposed to displaying 'Paragraph' (as it does correctly in Firefox). Other style types (H2, H3 etc) seem to display correctly in the Paragraph Style window normally in all browsers

    The problem is this confused our clients who think the editor is failing to format paragraphs correctly (even though the html is correctly formatted)

    Has anyone else noticed this behavior or would know a workaround?

    Edit: Product version is 2010.2.929.40 by the way

  2. Ianko
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    Note that in XML files the < and > characters should be properly escaped. Also the value of the of the paragraph item should be only the tag name and not the whole tag.

    Please follow this example setup:

        <paragraph name="&lt;h2&gt;Heading 2&lt;/h2&gt;" value="h2" />
        <paragraph name="&lt;h3&gt;Heading 3&lt;/h3&gt;" value="h3" />
        <paragraph name="&lt;h4&gt;Heading 4&lt;/h4&gt;" value="h4" />
        <paragraph name="&lt;h5&gt;Sub content&lt;/h5&gt;" value="h5" />
        <paragraph name="&lt;p&gt;Paragraph&lt;/p&gt;" value="p" />

    Using the above configuration is working fine on my end. If this is not a configuration problem and I am somehow mislead on the problem, please get back to me with more details about the encountered issue.

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