RadDataPager not working in wpf RadGridView plz help

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Jiwoo asked on 15 Jun 2023, 09:04 AM

Hi I have two RadGridView , first one consists of basic controls it works well.

However, the other thing is that the page is created, but the controls are not displayed at all.

the only difference is that the second radgridview using CellTemplate.

<telerik:GridViewDataColumn  HeaderCellStyle="{StaticResource CustomGridViewHeaderCellStyle}"  Header="{Binding TimeFirst}" Width="0.8*" HeaderTextAlignment="Center"  ColumnGroupName="L1CODE">
                                        <telerik:RadProgressBar  Height="20"  Minimum="0"  Maximum="3600" Value="{Binding L1CodeBeforeCnt3}" Style="{StaticResource l1code3progressbar}">
                                        <TextBlock Text="{Binding L1CodeBeforeCnt3}" Margin="5 0">


and i used radpager like this.

                            ItemsSource="{Binding PagedSource, ElementName=radDataPager}"

   <telerik:RadDataPager x:Name="radDataPager" 
                          Source="{Binding SignalCntData}" 

this code works well in consists of basic controls.

is it a problem with styling the progressbar? but without pager, just radgridview, there are no problem..

But I must display more than 150 rows, I must use RadPager somebody help..






Telerik team
commented on 20 Jun 2023, 06:57 AM

Hello Jiwoo,

May I ask if you could review our Missing Controls in the UI article? It shares common cases that could cause the controls to be missing:

Missing Controls in the UI - Telerik UI for WPF

If this does not help, could you share a sample project and also, which version of our assemblies is used (Xaml or NoXaml)?

No answers yet. Maybe you can help?

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