RadComboBox causes memory leak in WPF

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    I have used RadComboBoxes inside a Grid in my WPF application as shown below.
    <tk:RadComboBox Grid.Row="3" Grid.Column="3" Style="{StaticResource DropDown}" x:Name="cmbColor" Height="25" Margin="5,5,5,5" DropDownOpened="cmbColor_DropDownOpened"
    IsEditable="False" SelectedValue="{Binding PR_COLOR}" MaxWidth="250"
    ItemTemplate="{StaticResource DropDownCodeMeaning}"  />

    I am binding the data to the combo box when the user clicked on the combo box to select an item from it.
    I have used the  event "DropDownOpened" to bind data to this combo box.

    Below shown is the code behind.

    // set the dropdown list for a combobox to all entities for a business object
      private void SetDropDown<BusObj, BusEntity>(RadComboBox cmb, ref BusObj busobj)
          where BusObj : BusinessObject<BusEntity>, new()
          where BusEntity : BusinessEntity, new()
          if (busobj == null)
              busobj = new BusObj();
          if (cmb.ItemsSource == null)
              var RecordList = busobj.GetAllEntities();
              if (RecordList.Count > 0)
                  RecordList.ApplySort("SortKey", ListSortDirection.Ascending);
              cmb.ItemsSource = RecordList;

    After sets the Items Source for the combo box, the memory increases rapidly. Anyone knows why this happens?
    Please help me. I am using the telerik version 2010.1.603.35.

    Thanks in advance,
    Rajesh V R

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