RadChart: X-Labels disapear when too many values are shown

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    Dear Support,

    We are using RadChart v2014.1.224.45 for WPF.
    When there are too many values, RadChart displays only first x-Label but rest of X-labels are not shown. Please see the attachment.
    This starts happening when RadChart is asked to draw more than approx 1500 data points (which is a business requirement).
    Setting the "X Label Step" doesn't help.
    Please advise how to resolve this.

  2. Martin Ivanov
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    Posted 14 May 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Steve,

    I am posting my answer to your question also here in order to contribute to our community.

    Please note that we suggest our customers to use the new RadChartView components instead of the old RadChart because the new control is much faster, it solves many limitations the old component has, and it is very flexible and easy to set up. You can read about the differences between the controls in theRadChart vs. RadChartView help article.

    As I can see from the attached picture the horizontal axis of your chart contains DateTime values. With the new chartview you can use the DateTimeContinuousAxis which is designed to work with such data. The date time axis has few properties which you can use to control the arraignment of its labels. With theMajorStep property you can define the step between two adjacent ticks on the axis. TheMajorStepUnit defines the custom major step of the axis (Day, Month, Year, etc.). You can take a look at the Axis help article that describes most of the axes properties. In addition I attached a sample project that demonstrates RadCartesianChart with a DateTimeContinuousAxis.

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