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    We are currently evaluating Telerik UI for WPF control, in particular 3d Charts. We have a few requirements that we are currently unable to find a easy way to accomplish using RadCartesianChart3D. Please suggest how we can:

    1. Draw a grid line at (X Y) = (0, 0)  ( A grid line that indicates the Z axis)?
    2. Do a texture mapping on the 3D surfaces?
      One approach was to use a Image Brush instead of Solid Color brush for defining the Default Visual Material group in the example. But it does not seem to work. I can attach the sample code we tried if needed.
    3. Text annotation on RadCartesianChart3D ? Examples would be highly appreciate.



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    Hello Chethan,

    Let me get straight to your requirements:
    1. Draw a grid line at (X Y) = (0, 0)  ( A grid line that indicates the Z axis)?

      If I understand this correctly you want to draw a line that goes along the Z axis in order to highlight it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      Currently, the 3D chart doesn't support drawing custom annotation-like elements. However, you can take a look at the chart grid and see if it helps. Additionally, if you want to mark the axis you can try its Title and TitleTemplate properties.

      If this doesn't help I would ask you to send me a drawing with the expected result. This way I can think of an alternative solution.

    2. Do a texture mapping on the 3D surfaces?

      To customize the surface series you will need to use its colorizer. If the default colorizers don't work for you, create a custom one where you can manually create a material based on your data. Also, you can give the collection with the texture coordinates to the mesh geometry. To do so, you can create a class that derives from one of the colorizers and override its GetMaterial and GetTextureCoordinates methods.  I've attached a small project showing this approach. I hope it helps.
      public class SurfaceSeriesSingleMaterialColorizer : SurfaceSeries3DDataPointColorizer
          public override Material GetMaterial(SurfaceSeries3DColorizerContext context)
              // return custom material;
          public override PointCollection GetTextureCoordinates(SurfaceSeries3DColorizerContext context)
              // return custom texture coordinates;
    3. Text annotation on RadCartesianChart3D ?

      The 3D chart doesn't support annotations. In order to add a text on top of the chart you will need to write custom code for it. For example, you can place a native TextBlock on top of the chart control. Alternatively, you can check the chart's tooltip behavior.
      Text annotation on RadCartesianChart3D ?Text annotation on RadCartesianChart3D ?

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