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r3 2017 report designer

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Frank asked on 06 Dec 2017, 12:23 AM

Using the Anguarcli viewer.

mvc application api I am trying to use the designer either to bind using Object data source. But when I open the telerik report designer and choose Object data source it is blank. I have the report in the project and I compile my class and I still see no business object in the list.

Another way I thought also is to bind the report to the telerik report mvc version from the viewer. 


<tr-viewer #viewer1
report: 'Report1.trdp',
parameters: {}



mvc razor version, can i do it the same way in angularcli viewer version.

@(Html.TelerikReporting().ReportViewer()                 // Each report viewer must have an id - it will be used by the initialization script                 // to find the element and initialize the report viewer.                 .Id("reportviewerTotal")         // The URL of the service which will serve reports.         // The URL corresponds to the name of the controller class (ReportsController).         // For more information on how to configure the service please check         //   .ServiceUrl(Url.Content("/api/reportapi/"))         .ServiceUrl(Url.Content("/api/reportapi/"))                           // The URL for the report viewer template. The template can be edited -                // new functionalities can be added and unneeded ones can be removed.                // For more information please check                // Strongly typed ReportSource - TypeReportSource or UriReportSource.                .ReportSource(new Telerik.Reporting.TypeReportSource() { TypeName = typeof(application.ReportViewer.ReportCatalog.ReportCatalog).AssemblyQualifiedName })

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Telerik team
answered on 08 Dec 2017, 04:46 PM
Hello Frank,

In Telerik Reporting data binding happens on the report. If you are using Visual Studio designer, and the data providing class for the ObjectDataSource is in the same project with the report using the ObjectDataSource, it won't be necessary to make any additional configuration changes to make the data providing class visible in the ObjectDataSource Wizard. If they are in different project, the instructions from this help article should be followed. This article (section Choose a data member) further elaborates on which constructor/properties/methods of the data providing class would be visible in the Wizard.
Our sample report ListBoundReport (could be found in TelerikReportingInstallationFolder[i.e.Progress\Telerik Reporting R3 2017]\Examples\CSharp\ReportLibrary\DataBinding) demonstrates the approach when the DataMember is not specified, and the constructor of the data providing class (Cars) is used to provide the data.

For security reasons, in case the report is created with the Standalone designer (i.e. trdp/trdx file), it would be necessary to copy the assembly, containing the data providing class into the folder of the application that uses the report (Standalone designer for creating and previewing it), and register the assembly in application configuration file (Telerik.ReportDesigner.exe.config) as explained here. The folder of the Standalone designer is  TelerikReportingInstallationFolder[i.e.Progress\Telerik Reporting R3 2017]\Report Designer.

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