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    I am trying to automate the controls in subject. The site below tells me UI automation for these controls are not supported for wpf applications. Is there an update/recommended solution regarding the same that I can leverage for my UI automation? It may save me a lot of time :)!



    More information on my work around and where I am stuck:

    1. DateTimePicker control

    Please see attached image for reference. Using UI Spy I can actually see the window and  all of its content for the “date” control. The automation ids are missing, but at least I see the “window” control exposed and the ‘text’ names that I can actually use in my helper function to get/set a specified date.

    However, the clock portion of it is hidden from UI spy. I don’t know if this is another window control or something that is just embedded in the date window? Any ideas on how I can access the clock window?


    1. RowDetails control

    This is not exposed at all in UI Spy L! I am thinking of a work around that I have not yet tested but before I invest time in it, I was wondering if you have a recommended solution that I can use?


    Thank you for your help and time,


  2. Veselin Vasilev
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    Hi Harleen,

    The controls that are labeled as not supported in this list doesn't have automation peers at all. You should not detect any of it. You should detect some smaller controls used in the template like Buttons or TextBlocks but this is not related to automation peers that we have written. I am not sure why you don't detect the TextBlocks in the Clock part of the pop-up though. That is strange, but still even if you detect it I don't think that would be enough to automate an application.

    We have plans to extend our Automation support in future, but I would suggest you to use our WebUI Test Studio, more info you can find here: http://www.telerik.com/automated-testing-tools.aspx . It is not using the Automation peer classes but the application visual tree.

    Veselin Vasilev
    the Telerik team
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