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  1. Nadina
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    Posted 14 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    Is there any documentation / examples of how to integrate the RadDocking document host documents with the QAT in RadRibbonView? I'm still trying to make the transition from WinForms MDI applications to WPF. In WinForms I would have a ribbon control that has its ribbon tool buttons as mdiMergeable. Then, I would have mdi children forms that have their own ribbon tools collection that would merge with the ribbon tool collection. The mdi children opened as tabbed documents within the mdi parent that contains the ribbon and QAT. Since the tools were merged the mdi child could handle the click event of the tool button that was also in the QAT.

    I understand that WPF does not have MDI support. I have a RadRibbonView on the main form with some buttons in the QAT (e.g. Save, Print, Close, Delete). The main form also uses RadDocking and I'm using the Document host feature to display the RadPanes as tabbed documents. But I don't know how to wire up a QAT button click event so that the RadPane / tabbed documents can intercept, and then the clicked QAT button (e.g. Delete, Save, etc.) only applies to the Active / selected RadPane and not the other open but not select RadPanes / tabbed documents. Do I need to eliminate the QAT and put the standard action buttons, such as Save, Close, etc. on each RadPane / tabbed document?

    If you could point me in the right direction on any available documentation I can do the research and figure it out.
  2. Kiril Vandov
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    Posted 19 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Nadina,

    Unfortunately there is no article demonstrating such behavior, that is why I have created a sample demo for your convenience.
    First I have created a Paste and a Cut command which I bound to the QAT buttons in the RadRibbonView. Second in order to make the command to be executed for the SelectedItem of the RadPaneGroup we need to bind the RadRibbonView DataContext property to the SelectedItem.Content.Commands of the RadPaneGroup. Doing each time the SelectedItem of the RadPane is changed the DataContext of the RadRibbonView will be rebound and the Commands will update their execute target to the current RadPane.

    I hope this information helps. Please do not hesitate to ask further questions.

    Kind regards,
    Kiril Vandov
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  3. Nadina
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    Posted 19 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    Thank you for the example. I will pour through this to try and understand. I'll come back with questions if there is something that I do not quite comprehend. Thanks again.
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