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    I’m using the RadGridView in my application to show a list of items. As I started to use grouping, I encountered some problems.

    1. It seems that grouping is disabled if there are invalid items in the data grid. Though I found a way to overcome this (I need the grouping feature for my application all the time, even if there is an invalid item in the grid) I wondered if there is a regular solution to enable grouping while having an invalid row in the grid.
    2. An InvalidOperationException is thrown in the CollapseAllGroups method. The exception message says “No collection”.
      Here is my scenario: I selected two grouping criteria (e.g. “User” and “Date”). So if I have only one element of a specific user in the specific date I’ll get the exception I previously described.
    3. I want to be able to jump through the cells of the selected row by pressing the tabulator key. The problem is: if I have set at least one grouping criteria, pressing the tabulator key opens the next group instead of jumping to the next cell of the currently selected row.
    4. Although I found out, that an event which gets attached to the PropertyChanged event of the selected item in the code behind no longer is executed if I group the grid. The event is still attached, but no changes on the item trigger it. So my question is: does grouping override normal code behind with own default methods?
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     1. Which mode of displaying validation errors you are currently using. Basically validation errors in edit mode disable most of the other operations until the error gets fixed and there is no easy way to modify this behavior.
    2. We are not aware of such issue. May I ask you to send us a repro project that we would be able to debug on our side?
    3. May I ask you to throw some light on this? As far as I can see RadGridView's current behavior matches your requirements. Here is a video that illustrates it.
    4. I do not think that there are differences between the grouped and non-grouped scenario that should affect DataItem's PropertyChangedEvent. We could use a sample project for this too, so taht we would be able to debug it.

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