Problems in Simi-circle Gauge

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  1. Anoop
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    Posted 08 Mar 2011 Link to this post

    Hi all,


    I am planning to use this gauge, However when I run the example it was not work in my application

    Its giving me too much errors


    Any idea?

    The code is below and the picture which I need the same is attached

    <demo:DynamicBasePage x:Class="Telerik.Windows.Examples.Gauge.Customization.HalfCircleGauges.Example"
                    <ResourceDictionary Source="/Telerik.Windows.Controls.Gauge;component/Themes/Generic.xaml" />
            <Border telerikQuickStart:ThemeAwareBackgroundBehavior.IsEnabled="True">
                <telerik:RadGauge x:Name="radGauge">
                    <telerik:RadialGauge x:Name="radialGauge"
                                             Style="{StaticResource Office_BlackRadialGaugeHalfCircleNStyle}">
                        <telerik:RadialScale x:Name="radialScale"
                                                 Style="{StaticResource Office_BlackRadialScaleHalfCircleNStyle}">
                                <telerik:MajorTickProperties />
                                <telerik:MiddleTickProperties Length="0.05" TickWidth="0.2" />
                                <telerik:MinorTickProperties Length="0.03" TickWidth="0.3" />
                                <telerik:Needle x:Name="needle"
            <StackPanel Margin="3">
                <TextBlock>Gauge orientation</TextBlock>
                <telerik:RadComboBox x:Name="gaugeStyle"
                    <telerik:RadComboBoxItem DataContext="HalfCircleN" Content="North"/>
                    <telerik:RadComboBoxItem DataContext="HalfCircleS" Content="South"/>
                    <telerik:RadComboBoxItem DataContext="HalfCircleE" Content="East"/>
                    <telerik:RadComboBoxItem DataContext="HalfCircleW" Content="West"/>

    Imports System.Collections.Generic
    Imports System.Linq
    Imports System.Text
    Imports System.Windows
    Imports System.Windows.Controls
    Imports Telerik.Windows.Controls
    Imports Telerik.Examples.Gauge
    Namespace Telerik.Windows.Examples.Gauge.Customization.HalfCircleGauges
        ''' <summary>
        ''' Interaction logic for Example.xaml
        ''' </summary>
        Public Partial Class Example
            Inherits DynamicBasePage
            Public Sub New()
                Me.gaugeStyle.SelectedIndex = 0
            End Sub
            Protected Overloads Overrides Sub NewValue()
                needle.Value = radialScale.Min + (radialScale.Max - radialScale.Min) * rnd.NextDouble()
            End Sub
            Private Sub gaugeStyle_SelectionChanged(sender As Object, e As SelectionChangedEventArgs)
                If gaugeStyle IsNot Nothing AndAlso gaugeStyle.SelectedItem IsNot Nothing Then
                    Dim styleName As String = DirectCast(TryCast(gaugeStyle.SelectedItem, RadComboBoxItem).DataContext, String)
                    radGauge.Width = 340
                    radGauge.Height = 200
                    If styleName.EndsWith("E") OrElse styleName.EndsWith("W") Then
                        Dim tmp As Double = radGauge.Width
                        radGauge.Width = radGauge.Height
                        radGauge.Height = tmp
                    End If
                    Dim theme As Theme = StyleManager.GetTheme(radGauge)
                    If theme Is Nothing Then
                        theme = StyleManager.ApplicationTheme
                    End If
                    Dim themeName As String = "Office_Black"
                    If theme IsNot Nothing Then
                        themeName = theme.ToString()
                    End If
                    Dim gaugeStyleName As String = themeName & "RadialGauge" & styleName & "Style"
                    Dim scaleStyleName As String = themeName & "RadialScale" & styleName & "Style"
                    radialGauge.Style = TryCast(Me.Resources(gaugeStyleName), Style)
                    radialScale.Style = TryCast(Me.Resources(scaleStyleName), Style)
                End If
            End Sub
        End Class
    End Namespace

    Thanks in advance
  2. Andrey
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    Posted 10 Mar 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Anoop,

    I have attached a sample solution which uses the semi-circle gauge you need.
    I hope it helps.
    Also I would recommend that you take a look to the Semicircle gauge topic of our online documentation:

    Kind regards,
    Andrey Murzov
    the Telerik team
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  3. Anoop
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    Sep 2006

    Posted 13 Mar 2011 Link to this post

    It’s not opening with me


    am using Visual Studio 2008

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