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    I have large chart, so i zoom it to scroll.

    I want to print it using something like Telerik.Windows.Media.Imaging.ExportExtensions.ExportToImage(chart, stream, new PngBitmapEncoder());

    I wonder will it save only current zoomed part or all chart? Because i need all chart, not only zoomed part.

  2. Tanya
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    Hello Rata,

    The ExportToImage() method takes the UI element as it is rendered. Thus, when exporting a zoomed chart, the image will contain only this part that is visualized. 

    To export the whole control without zooming, you can reset the zoom properties only to export the chart:
    Size previousZoom = this.chart.Zoom;
    Size chartSize = new Size(this.chart.ActualWidth, this.chart.ActualHeight);
    double previousZoomVerticalStart = this.chart.VerticalZoomRangeStart;
    double previousZoomVerticalEnd = this.chart.VerticalZoomRangeEnd;
    double previousZoomHorizontalStart = this.chart.HorizontalZoomRangeStart;
    double previousZoomHorizontalEnd = this.chart.HorizontalZoomRangeEnd;
    this.chart.Zoom = new Size(1, 1);
    this.chart.Arrange(new Rect(chartSize));
    Telerik.Windows.Media.Imaging.ExportExtensions.ExportToImage(this.chart, "sample.png", new PngBitmapEncoder());
    this.chart.Zoom = previousZoom;
    this.chart.VerticalZoomRangeStart = previousZoomVerticalStart;
    this.chart.VerticalZoomRangeEnd = previousZoomVerticalEnd;
    this.chart.HorizontalZoomRangeStart = previousZoomHorizontalStart;
    this.chart.HorizontalZoomRangeEnd = previousZoomHorizontalEnd;
    this.chart.Arrange(new Rect(chartSize));

    Hope this is helpful.

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