Points are not visible in ScatterPointSeriesChart

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    I am trying to generate a simple chart with 3 datapoint. Datapoints are defined as shown below

    public IDgraphViewModel()         {         

        Data = new ObservableCollection<ChartProfileSerisi>();        

         ChartProfileSerisi chartProfil1 = new ChartProfileSerisi();         

        chartProfil1.Noktalar.Add(new ChartVeriNoktasi(1.0,1.0));      

         chartProfil1.Noktalar.Add(new ChartVeriNoktasi(10.0, 10));    

             chartProfil1.Noktalar.Add(new ChartVeriNoktasi(140, 60));   

                            Data.Add(chartProfil1);                    } 

    I define the series with code behind

     Chart.HorizontalAxis = new LinearAxis();            Chart.VerticalAxis = new LinearAxis();                        ScatterPointSeries series1 = new ScatterPointSeries();

               series1.ItemsSource = Data[0].Noktalar;            series1.XValueBinding = new PropertyNameDataPointBinding() {PropertyName = "Zaman"};            series1.XValueBinding = new PropertyNameDataPointBinding() { PropertyName = "Stres" };            series1.Visibility = Visibility.Visible;                        


     In generated graph, axis appears correctly, x axis covers all data range up to 140 but points are not visible. In debugger, I checked

    series1.DataPoints  property, it is empty. What could be missing? The remaining code is below


    public class ChartProfileSerisi     {      

      public ObservableCollection<ChartVeriNoktasi> Noktalar { get; set; }

       public ChartProfileSerisi()        {           

     Noktalar = new ObservableCollection<ChartVeriNoktasi>();           

             }    }    



    public class ChartVeriNoktasi    {            

        public ChartVeriNoktasi(double zaman, double stres)        {      

          this.Zaman = zaman;            this.Stres = stres;        }

           public double Zaman { get; set; }   

         public double Stres { get; set; }    


  2. yalçın
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    I managed to get it work but I can't set legend marker geometry if I use a custom PointTemplate for a series. In the screenshot "Seri 1" legend is missing.

    I tried to defien an ellipseGeometry as Static Resource but it also did not work out.

  3. Martin Ivanov
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    Hello yalçın,

    The LegendItems in RadChartView gets their marker color from the default visual element of the corresponding series. Using a PointTemplate allows you to use any UI element as a visual for the data points. In other words the legend items doesn't know from what element to get their marker color.

    In order to display the color for a series that has a PointTemplate you can define a custom ItemTemplate for the RadLegend control and in its template add a Path that is bound to a Brush property that presents the series color.

    I hope this information helps.

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