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    We are exporting a pivotGrid to a number of formats depending on what the user selects (using PdfFormatProvider, HtmlFormatProvider etc), and we use a CellTemplateSelector to add a simple image to some columns to indicate an increase or decrease in the value.

    When the grid is exported the result doesnt show this image, or anything else in the DataTemplate.  Even if we add a simple textBlock into the DataTemplate it is still missing from the exported report in any format. The rest of the data is displayed in the exported report normally.

    I can understand maybe a binary image not being displayed,  but surely the textblock should be.

    Are we missing something simple?

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    The RadPivotGrid export functionality provides a PivotExportModel that contains PivotExportCellInfos which contain information about the position, alignment and styling of a pivot cell, which properties will be translated onto the Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.Model.CellSelection and a workbook will be populated.

    The DataTemplate for a pivot cell can be modified and thus the presentation of the data inside the cell can be anything - it can contain pictures, additional text, various formatting, UI elements, etc. This information however cannot be extracted and translated to the CellSelection as the CellSelection's export works with text. As text we're using the data that the RadPivotGrid works with - which is the aggregated and summarized results of calculations over the source.

    That said, I can only suggest, if you wish to export additional images for particular cells, you can extract the image based on the CellInfo's Column and Row properties and place it in the generated export using FloatingImages: http://docs.telerik.com/devtools/document-processing/libraries/radspreadprocessing/features/shapes-and-images

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