PivotGrid as a squarre matrix

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    Hi all,


    I thought a PivotGrid would be the perfect control to show a square matrix which values can beSelected dynamically using the RadPivotFieldList. But I'm unable to understand how I should model my data to leverage the PivotGrid builtin capabilities (like filtering). I can build the model I want. What I have now is a list of object that have the following fields:


    Title1   Title2     X    Y       Z

    A          A          x1    y1    z1

    A          B          x2    y2    z2

    A          C          x3    y3    z3

    B          A          x4    y4    z4

    B          B          x5    y5    z5

    B          C          x6    y6    z6

    C          A          x7    y7    z7

    C          B          x8    y8    z8

    C          C          x9    y9    z9



    The UI result I'm looking for is a 3x3 matrix/grid


               A        B        C

    A        x1       x2      x3

    B        x4      x5      x6

    C        x7      x8       x9


    Where the xi can be changed to yi and zi using the RadPivotFieldList control.

    This example has only 3 different values {A, B, C} but this list is much bigger in reality, hence the filtering feature need.

    1. Can the Pivot Grid achieve any of this?
    2. If not, what is the best way to display a matrix (GridView view code behind Column management seems a bit hacky, doesn't it?)

    Thanks for your help


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