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    hello everyone,

    I'm not sure how to get started.
    I would like to be able to generate automated tests that meet the following requirements:
    1. be able to target different base urls (XXXtest1, XXXtest2, etc..) retrieved when the test is executed from the command line.
    2. Make things modular and resusable.
    3. Have input parameters like login username/password set in the command line or config file.
    4. be able to specify from the command line (or config file) which tests are to be run .

    from what i see of teststudio, the above can't be done unless i make the entire thing a coded test case (which is fine). or am i wrong?

    It seems like the best approach and the workflow other are using is to simply start out with a main coded steps project, then simply use teststudio to record -> convert to coded steps, and copy and paste these into my main coded steps project. would this be correct?

  2. Anthony
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    Hello Scott,

    No, most of your inquiries can be accomplished without code. One of the major tenets of Test Studio is to keep coding to a minimum and only resort to it when you absolutely have to.

    1. This can be done by targeting a Test Studio Test List with ArtOfTest.Runner or a Visual Studio Test List with MSTest. In the Test List Settings you'll target a specific BaseUrl. So for Test Studio test lists you'll have one list per BaseUrl, and for VS test lists you'll have one test settings file per BaseUrl.

    2. We are avid proponents of this approach and offer the Test as Step feature.

    3. This cannot be done as stated. However I can think of a few approaches to achieve the same goal, mainly with our Data Driven Testing feature. With the user name and passwords steps data bound in the Login test, you could employ a solution from our Dynamic Data Binding article and swap the data source based on environment, for example.

    4. ArtOfTest.Runner and MSTest, both mentioned above, can also target a single test. What's more likely is you'll have various test lists than contain certain tests in a specified order, and call your desired test list from the command line.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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