Memory leak in transition control.

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    I am using telerik transition control  to create a ad rotator control as said in this link.  . I have noticed that telerik component is wasting so much memory making my application unstable. I  isolated the telerik transition control from my application and found out that memory consumption is fairly stable  without the adrotator control. 

    Is this a known issue? Is there any work around for this?


  2. Martin
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    Posted 08 Sep 2012 Link to this post

    Hi John,

    I'm experiencing the same issue with RadTransitionControl for Silverlight 5. Have you found any solution for this? Do you have an answer from Telerik?


    EDIT: John and Telerik team, making some tests, I was able to reduce drastically the memory consumption by manually calling GC.Collect() after assigning the Content to the RadTransitionControl.... although this is not a good practice... what does Telerik team can suggest about this?

    public void NavigateTo(FrameworkElement control)
        radTransitionControl.Content = control;
  3. Ivo
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    We recently found a memory leak into the RadTransitionControl for Silverlight, but we were not able to find memory leak or high usage of memory in WPF. I ran the AdRotator example for about 10 minutes and profiled it using JustTrace, but I was not able to find anything that seems wrong. You can find attached an image from my JustTrace profiling test. It would be great if you send us a sample project demonstrating the issue, so we will be able to investigate this further.

    the Telerik team

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