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    we had UI.for.Wpf version 2016.3.1024 before and we updated to 2018.1.122. We started to have problem after update.

    Scenario: We have background worker which starts long running operation. When it finishes, we do some actions in WorkerCompleted event handler. We show RadWindow. When its closed, we do some data refresh there and then we programatically change tab in Ribbon to show user final list with results.

    Then app seems to be frozen. Better to say, it is shown on screen, but I can click on items behind window. fe if there is desktop behind, I can manipulate items on desktop.

    Steps to unfreeze: Click on application incon in task bar. App gets minimized. Then click on that icon again and app gets maximized. App is then working fine again.

    Unfortunately, its so rare that we cant debug it or at least create some demo for you. So, we dont know what is suddently causing this. Our observation is that it happens on Win 10.

    Question is now, what can we do to prevent this strange behavior? sure, we can downgrade previous version we used. Any other suggestions? Can you help us please?

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    ok. It seems not connected to telerik. It just started appearing at the same time we updated also telerik dlls.

    For those experiencing the same problem, it is actually connected to starting DirectX applications from WPF.

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    Hello Richard,

    Thanks for the update - glad you've managed to find the source of the issue.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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