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    still the same Problem. i get all my Appointments from a sqlite DB. To Create a simple Appointment is no Problem,, but how do i add a
    RecurrenceRule to an Appointment?

    I create a var called Pattern:
    var Pattern = new RecurrencePattern()
               DayOrdinal = DayOrdinal_i,
               DaysOfWeekMask =DaysofWeekMask_v,
               FirstDayOfWeek = FirstDayofWeek_d,
               Frequency= Frequency_v,
                Interval = Convert.ToInt32(tasks_dr.Field<Int64>("Interval")),
                MaxOccurrences = Convert.ToInt32(tasks_dr.Field<Int64>("MaxOccurrences")),
                MonthOfYear = Convert.ToInt32(tasks_dr.Field<Int64>("MonthofYear")),
                DayOfMonth = Convert.ToInt32(tasks_dr.Field<Int64>("DayofMonth"))

    Then i start to create the Appointment:
    Appointment appointment = new Appointment
                Start = start,
                Url = "text",
                End = end,                                                     
                Subject = tasks_dr.Field<String>("Subject"),
                Body = tasks_dr.Field<String>("Body"),                           
                 Importance = Importance_v
                 //RecurrenceRule = rrr

    But how will the Appointment now about the var Pattern?

    I can't find any example or something on the help Page :-(((

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