Line break issue in multi line text boxes

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  1. Chris Ward
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    I have a multiline text box that I am filling with data from my SQL Server.  The contents of this field contain paragraphs of text with line breaks.  When I preview the report or run the project and view in the "Report Viewer" the line breaks are not shown.  If I look at the HtmlPreview I do see the line breaks as expected.  If I display the contents of the text box to the debugger using System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print I can see the linebreaks fine in the output window. If I export the report to PDF, I also see the line breaks. 

    So it seems that the data is good but I have problems when viewing the the report viewer or preview mode.  Any suggestions on what may be going on here?


  2. Michael Salzlechner
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    I am having a similar issue. Hard linebreaks do not work in the preview. Soft line breaks do work in the preview but do not in the report itself. When i add a subreport above the multi line text it suddenly shows soft and hard line breaks properly but doesnt push other textboxes down any longer and overlaps all the text
  3. Peter
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    Hi guys,

    @ Chris: Did you use a Carriage Return (\r) as new line character. If this is the case, then because Telerik Reporting and Silverlight are only able to handle line feed (\n) and \r\n as a new line character my suggesting is to use a replace method to manage the unexpected behavior. For example with the following User Function:

    public static object ReplaceCarriageReturn(string value)
        return value.Replace("\r", "\r\n");

    @Michael: we will need a sample project, so we suggest to continue the discussion in the support thread you've opened.

    the Telerik team
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  4. Ryan
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    Posted 04 Jul 2011 Link to this post

    the official support was on the right track but did not work for me. Im using vb, but I needed to do an additional find / replace to make it work from the database, my userfunction is as follows:

    Public Shared Function MultilineHack(data As String) As String
    data = data.Replace("\r", "\r\n")
    data = data.Replace(vbCr, vbCrLf)
    Return data
    End Function

    Another hot tip, if you haven't discovered user functions, have a look at the link in the telerik admin post, they are way easy, and you can access them through the expression editor once you have built the project.

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