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    I have below stacked type chart where it display data from a service. I want to display the label value dynamically for each field in the series. Here i have Value and UnusedValue, how to display these values for their respective fileds "Used Capacity" and "Unused Capacity". The below code displays the same value for both fields because the label template doesn't have any condition.

    function createchart(chartID, chartTitle) {
             dataSource: {
                 transport: {
                     read: {
                         url: serviceurl,
                         dataType: "json"
             title: {
                 text: "RAU"
             legend: {
                 position: "right"
             seriesDefaults: {
                 type: "column",
                 stack: {
                     type: "100%"
                 labels: {
                     visible: true,
                     position: "bottom",
                     template: "#= dataItem.Value #%"
             series: [{
                 name: "Used Capacity",
                 field: "Value",
                 CategoryField: "RAU"
             }, {
                 name: "Unused Capacity",
                 field: "UnusedValue",
                 CategoryField: "RAU",
                 color: "#FFFFFF"
             valueAxis: {
                 line: {
                     visible: false
                 minorGridLines: {
                     visible: true
                 visible: false
             categoryAxis: {
                 categories: ["Reliability", "Availability", "Utilisation"],
                 majorGridLines: {
                     visible: false
             tooltip: {
                 visible: true,
                 template: "#= #: #= dataItem.Value #"

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    Plamen Lazarov
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    Hello Devendra,

    In order to achieve the expected result you should use custom JavaScript logic in the seriesDefaults.labels.template function. Please find below a basic example which demonstrates this approach:

    Plamen Lazarov
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