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kendo angular date range is not changing with external events

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Chirag asked on 19 Aug 2018, 05:11 PM

Hi Team,

I am using <kendo-daterange>  which includes <kendo-dateinput> and <kendo-daterange-popup>.

<kendo-daterange-popup> has a kendo dropdown with options like last week, last month etc.

With every change of values from drop-down I am changing the value property of <kendo-dateinput>, below is the code:

<kendo-dateinput kendoDateRangeStartInput [(value)]="range.start"></kendo-dateinput>

whenever I cahnge range.start and range.end it changes the value in input box but after sometime it goes back to its orignal state and <kendo-daterange-popup> doesnt reflect the changes.

Note: It works fine when is changed directly from the input box, it also works at the time of initial load where I am assigning the initial value of range.start and range.end

Below is the full HTML template:

<span class="label">Start</span>
<kendo-dateinput kendoDateRangeStartInput [(value)]="range.start"></kendo-dateinput>
<span class="label">End</span>
<kendo-dateinput kendoDateRangeEndInput [(value)]="range.end"></kendo-dateinput>
<ng-template kendoDateRangePopupTemplate>
<h4>Popup Template</h4>
<kendo-multiviewcalendar topView= "month" [views]= 3 kendoDateRangeSelection >
(valueChange) = "changeDatePeriod($event)"
[ngModel] = "defaultDropdownItem"
textField = "text"
valueField = "value">


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Telerik team
answered on 22 Aug 2018, 04:46 AM
Hi Chirag,

Thank you for the demonstrated code.

Indeed, this is a bug on our side. I logged the following issue in our public GitHub repository:

Please accept our apologize for any inconvenience caused until the issue is resolved.

I have also updated your account's Telerik points for bringing that issue to our attention.

Let me know in case I can provide any further assistance about Kendo Ui for Angular.

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