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Issue with grouping paged data from a remote service

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Murray asked on 13 Jan 2021, 06:55 PM


My grid data is bound to an observable as follows:

 protected initDomainEntityQuery() {
     this.gridSettings.state.skip = 1;
    this.gridData$ = this.stateChange$.pipe(
      switchMap(() =>
      map((data) => {
        if(this.groupable && > 0) {        
          return process(, { group: this.groups });
          return data;
}  }


The problem is that the data set returned could potentially span many pages, but after the aggregation, the DataResult total is 1 page long.  Is there any way of working round this? 

The use case is to present the data grouped by a type field. 




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Telerik team
answered on 15 Jan 2021, 12:55 PM

Hi Murray,

I am not sure that I understand the issue.

In general the Grid data can be grouped as demonstrated in the following article:

It can also be grouped and paged together. For that to work out as expected it would be required to pass a second parameter of type State to the process() function that has information for the current group and the paging related skip and take properties:

The essential parts are highlighted below:

    public groups: GroupDescriptor[] = [{ field: 'Category.CategoryName' }];

    public state: State = {skip: 0, take: 10, group: this.groups};  
 private loadProducts(): void {
        this.gridView = process(products, this.state);

I hope that helps. Please provide some more details describing the undesired behavior in case further assistance is required for this case. Thank you.


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