Inserting mutiple rows and merging the cells

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    I am attempting to insert rows between existing rows within a worksheet. Each newly inserted row should have the cells within merged and have a text value.

    I am basically calling the following in a loop on a very small spreadsheet (only 12 rows and 4 columns) and it is very slow. The spreadsheet originates from a call to grid.ExportToWorkbook().



    worksheet.Rows.Insert(rowIndex, 1);

    worksheet.Cells[rowIndex, 0].SetValueAsText("haha");

    worksheet.Cells[new CellIndex(rowIndex, 0), new CellIndex(rowIndex, 3)].Merge();


    Two issues:

    Issue 1: This is very slow. Each call to insert takes a long time to execute. The entire operation takes several seconds despite only inserting 12 rows. I have suspended layout, put everything in a single undo group. The control isn't even visible at this point.


    Issue 2: The cells do not seem to be merging correctly. Some of the values of non inserted rows are removed. If I comment out the call to merge, all values appear to be correct


    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Nick,

    I agree with you that the performance of the insertion of rows should be improved. We have already logged an internal task to improve the performance of the control. I added your request to this task and created a public item. You can vote for this implementation and subscribe to track its status using the item: Improve RadSpreadsheet performance. I am afraid I couldn't find an approach to suggest you for improving the current behavior. 

    In regards to the merged cells, I couldn't find an issue with this functionality. Can you please send us more details about the scenario? Can you reproduce the issue with any document? Could it be related to a specific one? If so, can you share a sample document which we can use for testing?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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