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[Important Change] Since Q2 2013 RadHtmlChart's Items collection is replaced by SeriesItems collection
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Telerik Admin asked on 12 Jun 2013, 03:05 PM

Since Q2 2013, a couple of important changes have been introduced in the declaration of the Series in RadHtmlChart. The following properties have been renamed:

The SeriesItems collection replaces the Items collection.

The following objects should be added to the SeriesItems collection instead of a SeriesItem depending on the Series Type:

Series type

Series item



Bar, Column, Area, Line


Scatter, ScatterLine




Pie, Donut


XValue, YValue, SizeValue and ToolTipValue properties of the SeriesItem (now CategorySeriesItem, PieSeriesItem, ScatterSeriesItem and BubbleSeriesItem) have been renamed respectively to X, Y, Size and ToolTip.

In order to access the properties of the series in the code behind, the series must be cast to the respective series type.

For example:

(RadHtmlChart1.PlotArea.Series[0] as AreaSeries).SeriesItems[0].Y = 10;

The Items collection declaration becomes obsolete since Q2 2013 and will be available till the end of Q3 2013.


New SeriesItems collection:

        <telerik:BubbleSeriesItem Y="35" X="15" Size="15" Tooltip="ToolTip1" />
        <telerik:BubbleSeriesItem Y="60" X="25" Size="10" Tooltip="ToolTip2" />
        <telerik:BubbleSeriesItem Y="55" X="35" Size="5"  Tooltip="ToolTip3" />

Obsolete Items collection:
        <telerik:SeriesItem YValue="35" XValue="15" SizeValue="15" TooltipValue="ToolTip1" />
        <telerik:SeriesItem YValue="60" XValue="25" SizeValue="10" TooltipValue="ToolTip2" />
        <telerik:SeriesItem YValue="55" XValue="35" SizeValue="5" TooltipValue="ToolTip3" />

More information on this matter is also available in Introducing the SeriesItems collection in RadHtmlChart for ASP.NET AJAX blog post.

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