HTML5 viewer, when returning from sub-report, has error creating report, document with ID not found

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  1. Jason
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    Posted 31 Dec 2015 Link to this post

    I have a Main Report with a cell's interaction being, "Navigate to Report: SubReport." Navigation back and forth works fine in the Stand-alone Report Designer; I'm having a strange issue with the HTML5 Report Viewer that seems to be related to IStorage. Here are my steps:

    1. Open Main Report.
    2. Click to navigate to Sub Report - report displays ok.
    3. Click the "Navigate Backward" arrow of the HTML5 Viewer. Receive error: Error creating report document (Report = Main Report.trdx; Format = HTML5Interactive). Document with ID '170300-8e97' not found.
    4. Click the HTML5 Viewer's "Refresh" button; report displays ok.
    5. Oddly enough, if I now click "Navigate Forward," the Sub Report displays ok.

     Maybe-relevant configuration:

    • This error occurs on both local web server and my single-server Azure deployment.
    • I don't receive any other errors that seem to be IStorage related.
    • I've tried the default FileStorage as well as FileStorage(MapPath("~/App_Data")). If I use Windows Explorer to look in App_Data, I see can see recently-written cachey stuff.
    • I'm using a custom IReportResolver to stream the trdx files from Google Drive, in case that matters.
    • I'm using Telerik Reporting v9.2 trial version (, I believe).


  2. Stef
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    Posted 04 Jan 2016 Link to this post

    Hi Jason,

    In general, when a report is requested, the document is processed and rendered on the server in HTML format for the viewer. The document's pages(HTML) and resources(images) are cached in the location specified by the Reporting REST service's Storage, which are stored for the given client(viewer ID).
    The cached files can be missing if the client's session expires and another request to the Reporting REST service makes a clean in the cache storage - Cache Management: HTML5 Report Viewer and Reporting REST services.

    Having the above into account, please test to set the ClientSessionTimeout of the service to a value greater than zero and check if the error occurs again. Also verify the custom report resolver returns the same report definition on each call, while a report is being resolved (there are several calls to the service's resolver). Note that only the initially requested report is handled in the custom resolver's Resolve method. NavigateToReport.ReportSource property is resolved internally.

    Test also to switch to the MsSqlServerStorage IStorage implementation.

    In order to investigate the problem further, please open a support ticket and send us a demo project that reproduces the problem.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

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  3. Arne
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    Posted 07 Sep 2018 Link to this post

    Hi Stef,

    We're having the same problem Jason mentioned. We've created a custom cacheStorage and when we're investigating why the report can't be loaded it seems like not all the values are saved to the cachestorage.

    When we're hitting the backnavigation we have this in call history:
    1. reports/clients/152713-b056/parameters   = returns 200
    2. reports/clients/152713-b056/instances = returns 201 -> instance id -> 152841-3b9b
    3. reports/clients/152713-b056/instances/152841-3b9b/documents = returns 404 not found 

    When i debug the custom resolver it seems like the cache can't find anything on 
    ..\\ls\152841-3b9b\rs\a (on the third call returning 404 not found)



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