How to use AggregateFunctions with SumFunction for a GridViewColumn?

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    There is GridView with some columns and want to display total of one of the column which is having data of type System.Double. I had look at the same and tried to implement the same but it didn't work and end-up with following exception.

    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding TravelRate, StringFormat=c}"
                                                Header="Travel Rate"
                            <telerik:SumFunction Caption="Sum: "
                                                 SourceField="UnitPrice" />

    No generic method 'Sum' on type 'System.Linq.Enumerable' is compatible with the supplied type arguments and arguments. No type arguments should be provided if the method is non-generic.

    I also had a look at another post where it's mentioned create custom aggregation function. I tried it but didn't get any success.

    public class SumFunction : EnumerableSelectorAggregateFunction
            protected override string AggregateMethodName
                get { return "Sum"; }

            protected override Type ExtensionMethodsType
                    return typeof(Amounts);

        public static class Amounts
            public static Double Sum<T>(IEnumerable<T> source, Func<T, Double> selector)
                return source.Select(selector).Aggregate(Double.Parse("0"), (t1, t2) => t1 + t2);

    Can please some one help me with this?


  2. Yoan
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    Posted 09 May 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Max,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    Unfortunately, we did not manage to reproduce the issue. We ran the code snippet you've sent us under dll version 2013.1.403.40  and it worked as expected. 

    Which dll versions you are using in your project?

    It would be of great help if you can send us a working sample where the issue can be observed in order to investigate it.

    the Telerik team

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