How to set the size of Telerik.Reporting.TextBox in report we create dynamically
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M Kumar
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M Kumar asked on 05 May 2021, 09:55 AM

Hi sir,


                I create dynamic report in that i  use four column create dynamic one of the columns contain 100 and above character . i use text wrap as true.

like this come


with text wrap as false.

 Dim detailsTxt As New Telerik.Reporting.TextBox
                detailsTxt.Size = New SizeU(Unit.Inch(col.ColumnName.Length), Unit.Inch(0.2))
                detailsTxt.Location = New Drawing.PointU(Unit.Inch(iniLeft), Unit.Inch(0.01))
                detailsTxt.Style.Font.Size = New Unit(10)
                detailsTxt.Style.VerticalAlign = VerticalAlign.Middle
                detailsTxt.Style.TextAlign = HorizontalAlign.Left
                detailsTxt.TextWrap = False
                detailsTxt.StyleName = "Data"
                detailsTxt.Style.BorderStyle.Default = Telerik.Reporting.Drawing.BorderType.Solid
                detailsTxt.CanGrow = True
                detailsTxt.KeepTogether = True
                detailsTxt.Multiline = True
                ' detailsTxt.Format = Format("{0:n}")

                detailsTxt.Value = "=Fields.[" + col.ColumnName.ToString & "]"



how to show all column same  size, an d show all character with in text box size

like this

please give some solution.

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