How to generate a report using a refined data source

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    Hello, I am a novice user using Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC and Telerik Reporting.

    To tell you the conclusion I wonder if I can create a report using a refined external data source.

    => I would like to use datasource which is calculated by c # calculation of the result of procedure obtained from grid retrieval and use it directly in report.

    Is there such a way?




    The web page I'm creating now As a result of StoredProcedure Two select results are displayed.


    result 1: james 29 LA john 25 Korea

    result 2: 290,000


    I do not know why the procedure creator caused the output to be output separately, but I need to output two results in succession.


    Output as shown below.

    james ...

    john ...



    To do this, we combine two result datasources in the c # section if the number of dataSet.Table is two.

    The report did not find an approach to where the results of the procedure are stored.


    I am not good at English, but I hope that my intentions are well communicated.

    Thank you.

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    I want to edit the title. I can not find the edit button and I append the content. I want to use the same data source as the grid output after various calculations in the c # section. Simple calculations are possible with expressions, but they are too complex calculations It is too difficult to calculate the result of the query again in the report.
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    Hi JeongTae,

    If I understood correctly, you want to use a filtered SQL data source in the report. If so, this filtering can be done from the Wizard while the data source is being added. Basically, the addition of it is like before (Data -> SQL DataSource -> add the data connection -> choose the connection location), but the statement should be specified in the Stored Procedure option. Check the attached screenshot. More information can be found at Selecting Data with the SqlDataSource component article.

    If you would like to combine the results of two or more queries or Stored Procedures in a single data source, you may consider using an ObjectDataSource component. Basically, this data source invokes a method (Data Member) of a class/type (Data Source) that is supposed to return the data to be used in the report.

    For complex calculations in a report that cannot be done with our built-in functions, you may use custom user functions, where you may define custom logic performing the necessary processing.

    You may consider also opening a support ticket where to provide more details about the particular scenario and a sample runnable report (including some dummy data). This will give us more insights into the problem and we may come up with more specific pieces of advice.

    Editing the content of an already sent message can be done by an admin, so if would like it changed, please, specify the new thread title in your next message and we will do it for you.

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