How do I have a different format for multiple value axis

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  1. John Bowyer
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    I have two value axis items and I would like one to be in percent and the other to be numeric.  How can I achieve this.   My current code produces the output in the image.

        <kendo-chart-value-axis-item *ngFor="let item of valueAxes" [name]="" [title]="{ text: item.title }"
                                     [max]="item.max" [majorUnit]="item.majorUnit">
          <kendo-chart-value-axis-item-labels [format]="numberFormat">
        <kendo-chart-category-axis-item [title]="xAxis_Label" [axisCrossingValue]="crossingValues">
          <!-- format="n0"-->
      <kendo-chart-legend [visible]="false"></kendo-chart-legend>
        <kendo-chart-series-item *ngFor="let series of model"
                                 [categoryField]="series.category" field="value"
            <ng-template let-value="value" let-category="category">
              <!--[innerHTML]="series.dataLabel.replace('[value_1]', value.toLocaleString() ).replace('[year]', category ).replace('[series]',  ).replace('[#%]', ((value)*100).toFixed(1).toString() + '%') "-->
              <span [innerHTML]="getToolTip(value, category,, graphType  )"></span>
  2. Dimiter Topalov
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    Posted 23 Jan Link to this post

    Hello John,

    To set different formatting for separate value axis items, you can either declare the items separately with different [format] bindings, or provide the value conditionally in the ngFor loop based on the axis name or some other arbitrary custom logic, for example:

    The format can come from the axis item objects too:

    I hope this helps.

    Dimiter Topalov
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