How Do I Display Summation Chart?

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  1. Brian Mains
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    I have a data source that looks like the following:

    Category   Subcategory  Date            Total
    Cat1            Subcat1        1/1/2009         1
    Cat1            Subcat1        1/1/2009         3
    Cat1            Subcat1        1/1/2009         2
    Cat1            Subcat2        1/2/2009         2
    Cat2            Subcat1        1/3/2009        1

    You get the idea I'm sure.  Quarter comes from a date in the database, which I use a method similar to the one you have in your example to create the Q1 2009 based on fiscal year.  I want to display:

    Cat  - group header
          Subcat - group header
                 Quarter (I have a method to do the conversion) - group header

    (summation of hours)   chart showing a breakdown - group footer

    I was hoping to get a summation of the values a chart bound the collection of data pulled from the database (I got this covered I think), but unfortunately I'm getting one record per entry in the underlying data set, so I'm getting:

    1    Chart
    2    Chart
    3    Chart
    1    Chart
    1    Chart

    Instead of:

    454    Chart

    How do I get a summed resultset instead of each record individually, especially since I'm in the footer of the group?  I thought that would work...  but it's not.  SO how do I set this up?

  2. Chris Gillies
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    Do not think this can happen out of the box - after all the chart is not using the data engine of the report. Check this forum thread that might point you what to do:

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