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    I am trying to create a clustered column graph that shows the number of services and appointments booked each hour, as depicted by mockup.jpg. I am pulling the data through a SQL data source as shown in data.jpg, where the first row represents the number of services booked and the second row represents the number of appointments booked. The column graph is set up such that each column pulled from the database is a series along the X-axis, and the row values are the Y values. However, for the graph series, the Report Designer seems to group rows that have the same value; an example of this problem is shown in issue.jpg. The 11AM category should have two bars, not one. The grouping issue does not occur with columns that have different row values; in the example, the 10AM column shows two bars as it should. I tried removing series grouping for the 11AM column, but it does not fix the issue.
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    Hi Anil,

    I have attached a sample report demonstrating how to achieve the desired layout.
    Note how the data is structured in the embedded CsvDataSource of the sample.

    On the Graph:
    The Categories are grouped by Hours - i.e. each Hour will be one Category (one X-axis slot/value).
    The Series are grouped by 'group' ('services' or 'appointments')  - i.e. 'services' will be one Series, and 'appointments' will be the second Series. Thus, in each Category slot there will be two bars - one for 'services' and one for 'appointments'.
    Value (the number of services/appointments for the corresponding Hour) is represented on the Y axis.

    In case the suggested approach does not help, you can open a support ticket and attach a runnable report for local investigation.

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    Thank you for your help. I figured out the issue on my own; Telerik Reporting has a very specific way of looking at resultset data for charts. I rewrote my query to pull the data in such a way, even if its a bit more ineffecient.

    Thank you,


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