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  1. Chris Holmes
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    Posted 31 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    I have a grid(see below) with specified widths for the columns.  Once the page starts to render the widths are correct; as soon as the grid is databound it auto generates widths for the columns.  The issue is that these new widths are nothing like what I have specified.  Any ideas?

     <%= Html.Telerik().Grid<WebUI.Models.UserMaintenance>()    
        .DataKeys(keys => 
            keys.Add(u => u.Id); 
        .Columns(columns =>        
            //columns.Bound(u => u.Id).Hidden(true);
            //columns.Bound(u => u.Name).Width(350);
            columns.Bound(item => item.UserId).Title("User Id").Width(5);
            columns.Bound(item => item.FirstName).Title("First Name").Width(15);
            columns.Bound(item => item.LastName).Title("Last Name").Width(15);
            columns.Bound(item => item.OrgName).Title("Org Name").Width(25);
            columns.Bound(item => item.Email).Title("Email Address").Width(20);
            columns.Bound(item => item.Language).Title("Language").ReadOnly().Width(10);
            columns.Bound(item => item.ApplicationAssigned).Title("Applications").ReadOnly().Width(15);
            columns.Bound(item => item.ComplianceAssigned).Title("Compliance").ReadOnly().Width(51);
            columns.Bound(item => item.UserType).Title("User Type").ReadOnly().Width(15);
            columns.Bound(item => item.LastActivityDate).Title("Last Sign In").ReadOnly().Width(15);
            columns.Bound(item => item.LockedOut).Title("Locked Out").ReadOnly().Width(5);
            columns.Command(commands =>
                ).Title("Unlock User").Width(5);
            columns.Command(commands =>
        .Editable(editing => editing.Mode(GridEditMode.InLine))
               //.ClientEvents(clientEvents => clientEvents.OnDataBinding("onDataBinding").OnDelete("onCheckedUsersDelete").OnError("onCheckedUsersError"))
        .ClientEvents(clientEvents => clientEvents.OnDelete("onCheckedUsersDelete").OnError("onCheckedUsersError").OnSave("onCheckedUsersSave").OnCommand("onCheckedUsersCommand"))
        .DataBinding(dataBinding => dataBinding.Ajax().Select("_GetAllMembershipUser", "Survey")
                                                        .Delete("_DeleteMembershipAssigned", "Survey")
        .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "min-width:1500px" })

  2. Dimiter Madjarov
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    Posted 04 Nov 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Chris,

    We cannot provide assistance for the Telerik MVC Extensions Grid, as this product was discontinued in mid 2013. We strongly recommend using UI for ASP.NET MVC instead.

    Dimiter Madjarov

    Check out the Telerik Platform - the only platform that combines a rich set of UI tools with powerful cloud services to develop web, hybrid and native mobile apps.

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