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    Posted 19 Jan 2015 Link to this post

    I am creating radScheduler resources by creating a EventId where the key is an employee number.  Like this:

    resource.Id = new EventId([Emp#])

    I later need to add an appointment to radScheduler and assign it to the resource who's Id is that of the EventId([Emp#]).

    How can I get the ResourceId from the collection where the EventId Key that the resource was created with equals [Emp#]?

    Thank you.
  2. Hristo
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    Posted 21 Jan 2015 Link to this post

    Hello Art,

    Thank you for writing.

    You could iterate the RadScheduler.Resources collection and select the resource which has an Id equal to the searched employee number. 

    I have prepared a small example in which I populate sample data and later in the handler of a button Click event add a new appointment to an employee according to its id. Please see my implementation below:
    public partial class Form1 : Form
        Appointment appointment;
        Random rand;
        public Form1()
            DateTime baseDate = DateTime.Today;
            DateTime[] start = new DateTime[] { baseDate.AddHours(14.0), baseDate.AddDays(1.0).AddHours(9.0), baseDate.AddDays(2.0).AddHours(13.0),
                baseDate.AddDays(1.0).AddHours(17.0), baseDate.AddDays(1.0).AddHours(5.0) };
            DateTime[] end = new DateTime[] { baseDate.AddHours(16.0), baseDate.AddDays(1.0).AddHours(15.0), baseDate.AddDays(2.0).AddHours(17.0),
            baseDate.AddDays(1.0).AddHours(21.0), baseDate.AddDays(1.0).AddHours(8.0)};
            string[] summaries = new string[] { "Mr. Brown", "Mr. White", "Mrs. Green", "Ms. Black", "Mrs. Grey" };
            rand = new Random();
            Color[] colors = new Color[]
                Color.LightBlue, Color.LightGreen, Color.LightYellow,
                Color.Red, Color.Orange, Color.Pink, Color.Purple, Color.Peru, Color.PowderBlue
            string[] names = new string[]
                "Alan Smith", "Anne Dodsworth",
                "Boyan Mastoni", "Richard Duncan", "Maria Shnaider"
            for (int i = 0; i < names.Length; i++)
                Resource resource = new Resource();
                resource.Id = new EventId(rand.Next(10000, 20000));
                resource.Name = names[i];
                resource.Color = colors[i];
                Console.WriteLine("Name: " + resource.Name + " No.: " + resource.Id);
            this.radScheduler1.GetDayView().ResourcesPerView = 5;
            this.radScheduler1.GroupType = GroupType.Resource;
            SchedulerDayViewGroupedByResourceElement headerElement = this.radScheduler1.SchedulerElement.ViewElement as SchedulerDayViewGroupedByResourceElement;
            headerElement.ResourceHeaderHeight = 80;
            for (int i = 0; i < summaries.Length; i++)
                appointment = new Appointment(start[i], end[i], summaries[i]);
                appointment.ResourceId = this.radScheduler1.Resources[i].Id;
        private void radButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            int employeeId;
            bool isInt = int.TryParse(this.radTextBox1.Text, out employeeId);
            if (isInt)
                IResource resource = this.radScheduler1.Resources.Where(r => (int)r.Id.KeyValue == employeeId).FirstOrDefault();
                if (resource != null)
                    appointment = new Appointment();
                    appointment.ResourceId = resource.Id;

    I am also sending you a .gif file showing how the scheduler behaves on my end.

    I hope this information helps. Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to write back.


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