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    I'm using the trial to see if it fits our purposes but I'm having trouble getting it to do what we need for this report. I've attached a screenshot of the layout.

    I've attached a basic outline image of the report body.

    List 1 contains an array of strings that can potentially span multiple pages but must only partially cover the page as it has a block of text below it.
    List 2 also contains an array of strings that can potentially span multiple pages and runs the full length of the page.

    The issue is that as List 1 expands it pushes the detail box below it on to the next page and for our needs it needs to stay exactly in this position on the page. What we want is that a new page should be created once the text / data in List 1 overflows its boundaries leaving the details box below in place.

    The layout of the page is required as it is printing onto a set piece of stationary and must match the layout specifications. So we can't use a footer for the details box as List 2 needs to be the full length on the page.

    I've tried everything I can think of like wrapping the left section entirely in a list and formatting the data source per page, but List 1 still pushes the fields below it on to the next page.

    Is this possible? Through the designer, handling events, something else?


  2. Jon
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    Posted 23 Oct 2017 Link to this post

    Attaching image.
  3. Todor
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    Hi Jon,

    Your requirement is currently partly achievable with Telerik Reporting, if you wrap the left part of the page in a Subreport item.
    The Subreport should have its data (from List1) in the detail section. You may assign the data source of the Subreport to be the data source of List1, and then it won't be necessary to wrap the report items in a List component, since a separate detail section would be generated for each data record.
    To have the Details Box appear on the bottom of each Subreport page, it could be placed in the GroupFooterSection of a report group in the Subreport, and the GroupFooterSection property PrintOnEveryPage should be set to True.

    This approach is demonstrated in the attached reports (the main Report and its Subreport).

    Note that the approach has limitations. For example, when the data for List1/Subreport is over:
    • the GroupFooterSection would appear right after the detail section containing the last data (List1), i.e. not necessarily at the bottom of the page
    • no more GroupFooterSections would be generated even though the data for List2 might not be over, i.e. the following pages won't contain the Details Box
    Both limitations are also demonstrated in the sample main report.

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