Finding the current tab with jquery from contentUrl

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  1. Ray
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    Posted 14 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    I am creating tabs dynamically for a tabstrip, using a contentUrl. Within the HTML for the 'template' file, i have a ng-repeat that calls a method in my angular controller and I want to pass the tab (as a jquery element).

    <li ng-repeat="game in tabSchedule(**need tab here**)">{{}}</li>

    I'm not a jquery expert and was wondering if there is an easy way to get the tab element. I added data properties to the tab when I created it and need access to them in the controller method.

    I assume there is a simple selector that will work on my tabstrip (id=tabs), like so:
    <li ng-repeat="game in tabSchedule($('#tabs li.k-item.k-*****')">{{}}</li>

    but I'm not sure how to ensure that the li is the one associated with the tab that is rendering.
  2. Ray
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    Posted 15 Oct 2014 in reply to Ray Link to this post

    I've figured out the jQuery to identify the tab that is being rendered.

    It's really an angular issue I guess, in trying to figure out how to pass the current tab (or even element) for that matter as a parameter in the ng-repeat directive. It seems that ng-repeat only deals with the angular scope object.

    This would be easy if the kendo-tab-strip directive created a child scope for each tab. Then the data for the tab could be stored in that child scope and wouldn't interfere with the scope of any other tab.
  3. Ray
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    Posted 15 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    Getting closer...

    I created an angular directive that what I want and I output the directive (my-schedule) in the tab content:
            text:'new tab', content:'<div my-schedule></div>'

    However, the directive link code doesn't fire. If I put the directive in another html file and use contentUrl it works, but then I have another template html file used by the directive, so I want to cut down on the number of files. Any way to get the directive to fire using 'content'?
  4. Petyo
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    Posted 16 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Raymond,

    you can manually  compile the directive contents using this approach.

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  5. Ray
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    Posted 17 Oct 2014 in reply to Petyo Link to this post

    Thanks for your help, I was able to get it to work without resorting to $compile.

    When the tab is created, I add my data to it:;
    var tab = $(tabs.items()[tabNum]); = team; = []; // gets populated later

    I used contentUrl of the tab to load the following HTML:
    <div ray-schedule>
      <div ng-repeat='game in results'>{{}}</div>

    The raySchedule directive creates its own scope and references the data for the tab.

    app.directive('raySchedule', function() { return {
         scope: true,
         link: function(scope, element) {
           // find the tab enclosing the element
           var content = element.parents(".k-content");
           var id = content.attr('id');
           var selector = "ul > li[aria-controls='" + id + "']";
           var tab = content.parent().find(selector);
           // get the schedule
           scope.results =;

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