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FindCarouselPanel in RadCarousel

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KocSistem asked on 30 Dec 2008, 10:00 AM

Hello ,

I have a problem about the method FindCarouselPanel().
Here is the code i wrote:




<Style x:Key="RadCarouselStyle1" TargetType="{x:Type telerik:RadCarousel}">  
                <Style TargetType="{x:Type telerik:RadCarousel}">  
                    <Setter Property="Template">  
                            <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type telerik:RadCarousel}">  
                                        <ColumnDefinition Width="50*" /> 
                                        <ColumnDefinition Width="50*" /> 
                                    <Button x:Name="EnSolItem" HorizontalAlignment="Right" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Grid.Column="0" Width="40" Height="40" Margin="0,0,40,0" Content="EnSol" /> 
                                    <Button x:Name="SolItem" HorizontalAlignment="Right" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Grid.Column="0" Width="40" Height="40" Content="Sol" /> 
                                    <Button x:Name="SagItem" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Grid.Column="1" Width="40" Height="40" Content="Sağ" /> 
                                    <Button x:Name="EnSagItem" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Grid.Column="1" Width="40" Height="40" Margin="40,0,0,0"  Content="EnSağ" /> 
                                    <Border Grid.ColumnSpan="2"  Background="{TemplateBinding Background}" BorderBrush="{TemplateBinding BorderBrush}" 
                                    BorderThickness="{TemplateBinding BorderThickness}">  
                                        <telerik:CarouselItemsControl x:Name="PART_RootItemsControl"  Grid.ColumnSpan="2"/>  
                    <Setter Property="ClipToBounds" Value="True"/>  

this is the template i'm using,




<telerik:RadCarousel x:Name="radCarousel"  Style="{DynamicResource RadCarouselStyle1}"/>

In my code Behind, I have an event handler and a function to give the path and etc.


void radCarousel_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)  
            Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadCarouselPanel panel = this.radCarousel.FindCarouselPanel();  
            this.radCarousel.ReflectionSettings.Visibility = Visibility.Visible;  
            this.radCarousel.ReflectionSettings.OffsetX = 0;  
            this.radCarousel.ReflectionSettings.OffsetY = 5;  
            this.radCarousel.ReflectionSettings.HiddenPercentage = 0;  
            this.radCarousel.ReflectionSettings.Opacity = 0.5;  
            this.radCarousel.ReflectionSettings.HeightOffset = 0;  
            this.radCarousel.ReflectionSettings.WidthOffset = 0;  
            this.radCarousel.ReflectionSettings.Angle = 0;  
            System.Windows.Shapes.Path path = CreateLinePath();  
            if (panel != null)  
                this.radCarousel.FindCarouselPanel().Path = path;  
                this.radCarousel.FindCarouselPanel().ItemsPerPage = 7;  
        private System.Windows.Shapes.Path CreateLinePath()  
            System.Windows.Shapes.Path newPath = new System.Windows.Shapes.Path();  
            PathFigureCollectionConverter figureConverter = new PathFigureCollectionConverter();  
            object geometryFigures = figureConverter.ConvertFromString("M30,200 L307.5,200");  
            PathGeometry newGeometry = new PathGeometry();  
            newPath.Stretch = Stretch.Fill;  
            BrushConverter brushConverter = new BrushConverter();  
            newPath.Stroke = (System.Windows.Media.Brush)brushConverter.ConvertFromString("#FF0998f8");  
            newPath.StrokeThickness = 2;  
            newGeometry.Figures = (PathFigureCollection)geometryFigures;  
            newPath.Data = (Geometry)newGeometry;  
            return newPath;  



While i'm setting the 




this.radCarousel.FindCarouselPanel().Path = path;




this.radCarousel.FindCarouselPanel().ItemsPerPage = 7;
part, FindCarouselPanel() returns null. Yesterday it was working. I didn't changed anything except the Style of radCarousel. Should i be implementing the RadCarouselPanel to style as well?
Please help.






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answered on 30 Dec 2008, 12:37 PM
Anyway i found out that Resources in my Grid was effecting my RadCarousel. There is still a wierd thing in this situation, the exact same code was working fine yesterday.
Hristo Deshev
Telerik team
answered on 30 Dec 2008, 01:51 PM

There is no need to style the RadCarouselPanel. Moreover, as far as I can tell there is no problem with the style that you have created. I pasted it in my own project and it worked perfectly.
Something else must have gone wrong in your application.

I am sending you the project that I have used to test your custom style - it might help you solve your problem.

Of course, if you are unable to find a solution you may open a support ticket and send us your application so that we can take a look at it.

Best wishes,
Hristo Deshev
the Telerik team

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Hristo Deshev
Telerik team
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