Filtering issue QueryableEntityCollectionView with EF

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    Not sure where to put this issue so general discussion perhaps the best place.

    I'm using a MVVM model, with the telerik controls WPF TreeView, WPF GridView, WPF DataForm. 
    As a data backend I'm using Entity Framework code first. This mock-up project works really great.

    I'm having an issue with filtering the data of the QueryableEntityCollectionView which I use as a source of the WPF GridView and WPF DataForm.
    Filtering is defined as FilterDescriptor filterDeleted = new FilterDescriptor("IsDeleted", FilterOperator.IsEqualTo, false); works just fine.

    Now I want to filter on a property of a subobject; Person class has a property Club. Club is also a class.
    As the FilterDescriptor is not able to filter on FilterDescriptor("Club.Id", FilterOperator.IsEqualTo, 10);
    I've added an Additional propertie in the Model

    public int ClubId         
    return Club == null ? -1 : Club.Id;

    Defining a FilterDescriptor FilterDescriptor("ClubId", FilterOperator.IsEqualTo, 10) is not working, result is no records at all.
    Testing with for example PersonID instead of ClubId works fine.
    I've also have a similar ClubId property for calculating Age of person. Filtering on age doesn't work as well. Seems that members not original referencing to table column are not working?



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    Posted 18 Mar 2016 in reply to Eric Link to this post

    Still don't know why my approach didn't work.
    Fixed this by using:

    new FilterDescriptor<Person> { FilteringExpression = e => e.Club.Id == 10 };

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