Field not found: Telerik.Windows.Controls.ThemeManager.DefaultThemeName

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Vivian asked on 06 Apr 2022, 09:59 AM

I was using  telerik controls with version 2020.2.617.45 and everything works fine, but when I updated Telerik.Windows.Data, Telerik.Windows.Controls and Telerik.Windows.controls.Data  dll`s to version 2022.1.222.45 I got error in my custom behaviour at this row:

private void AssociatedObject_GotFocus(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            RadGridView gridView = sender as RadGridView;

            if (gridView != null && gridView.CurrentCell != null && !gridView.CurrentCell.IsInEditMode && !gridView.CurrentCell.Column.IsReadOnly)

when I call gridView.CurrentCell.BeginEdit(); and I got error :System.MissingFieldException: 'Field not found: 'Telerik.Windows.Controls.ThemeManager.DefaultThemeName'.'

The problem occured after update.

Martin Ivanov
Telerik team
commented on 07 Apr 2022, 01:42 PM

Note that you will need to use the same version for all Telerik UI for WPF dlls. Otherwise, runtime issues will appear. So, if you have updated the Telerik.Windows.Data, Telerik.Windows.Controls and Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data dlls, you will need to update also the Telerik.Windows.Controls.GridView and any other Telerik dlls used in the application. 

If this is not the case and you've updated all Telerik dlls, then I would suggest you to post a sample project showing the issue.

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