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  1. ben
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    Posted 27 Nov 2006 Link to this post

    I have evaluated SQL Reporting server, DevExpress Report and Comonpnet one report. I suggest you to increase your competitiveness by comparing with those products. Frankly, Devexpress is the best one so far, but it is still far from my expectation. so I am expecting you are much more powerful than them, otherwise you cannot make your product stand out and I am not considered using it as well..Reporting server is not scalable because it is relying on IIS and IIS has a thread pool limtation and time out problem. Reporting server is too slow in getting a large PDF as well and It has a poor programatic model with .Net

    So this is my feedback
    1. Too slow even without generating the PDF, I cannot imagine if you have a very large PDF. Please compare with some fast PDF generator and you will see

    2 . Too few features, most of the reports tool I evaluated out there has too few features.

    I can see so far your product is not a revolution compared with other products, just a cloning of another product, why would I spend money on it..

    Here is my suggestion
    The design of seperating the layers between the  middle  layer and the conversion of different file types from that middle layer is good in abstraction, but it is a huge performance drawback. Sometimes we want to bypass that layer and get the report done faster.

    In my company, most reports are in pdf

  2. Todd Anglin
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    I think this is some good feedback. I'm glad to see you are comparing the early CTP of reporting to other reporting products currently available on the web since those comparisons are hard to come by.

    I can't speak for the reporting dev team, but I would expect that we will see significant performance enhancements by the 2007 release and I know we'll see tons of additional features. In any event, keep the feedback coming so they can create the best reporting product possible!

  3. Vassil Petev
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    Posted 28 Nov 2006 Link to this post

    Thank you for the feedback, Dean.

    Our product is in CTP stage at this time, i.e. it will improve quite a bit for its official version. It will not be as mature as the other players on the market, as they have been developing their products for years, but it will be close enough. 

    Please, expect the second CTP next month, and the first beta sometime in January. We will appreciate your feedback on these versions as well.

    Kind regards,
    the telerik team
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