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Error while using RadRichTextBoxribbonUI

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Maurizio asked on 05 Jun 2012, 09:37 AM
Hello Telerik Team,

i tried to use the RadRichTextBoxribbonUI with the RadRichTextBox as it is described here.
(Using RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI based on RadRibbonBar using or older)

when i am draging the RadRichTextBoxribbonUI from the Toolbox into the designer area i get the this error.

Die Ressource "images/msoffice/16/linktopreviousheaderfooter.png" kann nicht gefunden werden.
   bei Microsoft.Windows.Design.DocumentModel.ModelProducer.<OnLoad>b__2(Damage damage)
   bei MS.Internal.Design.DocumentModel.DocumentTrees.VirtualModel.VirtualModelDocumentTreeManager.OnEditingScopeComplete(VirtualEditingScope scope)
   bei MS.Internal.Design.DocumentModel.DocumentTrees.VirtualModel.VirtualModelDocumentTreeManager.VirtualEditingScope.OnComplete()
   bei Microsoft.Windows.Design.Model.ModelEditingScope.Complete()
   bei Microsoft.Windows.Design.Interaction.Task.Complete()
   bei MS.Internal.Creation.DragDropCreationTask.OnCreateAt(Object sender, ExecutedToolEventArgs args)

for all who can not read german i will translate the error message.
German: Die Ressource "images/msoffice/16/linktopreviousheaderfooter.png" kann nicht gefunden werden.
English: the ressource "images/msoffice/16/linktopreviousheaderfooter.png" can not be found

I hope you can help me

best regards

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Martin Ivanov
Telerik team
answered on 05 Jun 2012, 02:11 PM
Hi Thomas,

Actually if you are using the latest version of the controls, as your account suggests, you should refer to the Q3 Onward list of references. We will soon update the documentation to be more straight-forward about the assembly references.

In that regard, please check that your are not referencing Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadRibbonBar or Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadRichTextBoxRibbonBarUI. Instead of these two assemblies, you should reference Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadRibbonView and Telerik.Windows.Controls.RichTextBoxUI.

If you have recently upgraded, it is possible that the old dlls are still present in the bin and obj folders in the project. Please, try cleaning the project and even deleting the bin and obj folders manually. Afterwards, verify that all references point to the latest version. Also try deleting all *.tbd files in this relative location 

If this does not help, we would appreciate some more details about your case or a sample project attached to a support ticket.

the Telerik team

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Martin Ivanov
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