Error when we use parameter type "Float"
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Tursunkhuja asked on 28 Apr 2021, 10:17 AM


We have Float type parameter in our report. Default value of the parameter is zero. When we preview this report on Standalone Designer it works fine (see WhenRunningOnStandaloneReportDesigner.PNG), but when we preview this report on Html5 Report Viewer it shows error (see ErrorWhenRunningOnHtml5ReportViewer.PNG, Internal Server Error
Invalid value for parameter 'FloatParameter')

To reproduce this problem we used "CSharp.Net5.Html5IntegrationDemo" project and created sample report (this report is in attached archive file So, we want that it should not show error when we run the report on html5 report viewer.

Is there any solution for this?


Hello Tursunkhuja,

This issue seems the same as the one we already logged here: Selecting a value with no fractional part from a multivalue report parameter of type "float" throws an exception in .NET Core 3.1+ applications. This behavior is observed in .NET Core 3.1+ applications, but on .NET Framework the same scenario works fine. The issue is due to the different serialization routines used in .NET Core and we'll do our best to develop a solution and publish it in a subsequent release of our product.

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Ivan Hristov
Telerik team
on 30 Apr 2021, 03:06 PM

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