Error on returning kendo window popup errorlist from controller in kendo upload

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    I have an error on returning popup kendo window in javascript call from controller in kendo upload.

    The scenario is I have a kendo window main popup where inside of it is kendo upload control.
    during processing of uploading and validation of excel file, Im creating error list gathered from excel data
    and returning all that lists as popup kendo window from controller (javascript call).

    The problem is, the popup kendo window with the list of string is not functioning but returning as javascript file to upload.
    I don't know what's the conflict between the main kendo window, kendo upload and the new kendo window that I called as error list window which
    is not popping-up.

    See my code below...



        $(document).ready(function () {
            var iProcess = true;

            var dialog = $("#ImportDetails").data("kendoWindow");

                click: function (e) {

            var lookup = $("#ComboLookupTable").data("kendoComboBox");
                async: {
                    saveUrl: "Lookup/UploadFile",
                    removeUrl: "remove",
                    autoUpload: false,
                    value: 'Import'
                localization: {
                    select: "Select a file",
                    uploadSelectedFiles: "Import"
                multiple: false,
                select: function (e) {
                    var kendoWindow = $("<div />").kendoWindow({
                        title: "Replace Lookup Table Data?",
                        height: 130,
                        width: 280,
                        resizable: false,
                        modal: true,
                        animation: {
                            open: {
                                effects: "fade:in",
                                duration: 500
                            close: {
                                effects: "slide:right fadeOut",
                                duration: 500
                        visible: false


                            .click(function () {
                                if ($(this).hasClass("delete-cancel")) {
                                    iProcess = false;
                                else {
                upload: function (e) {
            = { additional: $("#ComboLookupTable").val() };
                success: function (e) {
                    var delay = 1500;
                    setTimeout(function () {
                    }, delay);
                error: function (e) {
                    var err = e.XMLHttpRequest.responseText;


    function showErrorMsgsJson(messages, windowName) {
        showErrorMsgs($.parseJSON(messages), windowName);

    function showErrorMsgs(messages, windowName) {
        var results = "";
        if (messages.length > 0) {
            results += "<ul class='list-group'>";
            $.each(messages, function (i, n) {
                //results += "<span>" + (i + 1) + ". " + n + "</span><br/>";
                results += "<li class='list-group-item'>" + (i + 1) + ". " + n + "</li>";
            results += "</ul>";

            var formattedMessages = '<div style="height:305px; margin: 2px 2px 15px 2px; padding: 10px 10px; border:1px solid lightgray; ">' + results + '</div>'
            var closeButton =
                '<div style="text-align:center;">' +
                '    <button id="btnCloseMessages" type="button" class="k-button" onclick="closeWindow(\'' + windowDialog + '\');">&nbsp;&nbsp;Close&nbsp;&nbsp;</button>' +

            $("#" + windowName).data(kendoWindow).content(formattedMessages + closeButton).center().open();


    from my CONTROLLER:

        Public Function UploadFile(ByVal files As HttpPostedFileBase, ByVal additional As String) As ActionResult

            Dim data = (New ExcelReader()).ReadExcel(files)

                    For Each datarow In data.DataRows
                        ent.Add(New ViewModel.FuelEfficiencyViewModel.Create With {.VehicleClass = datarow(0).ToString, _
                                                                                   .FuelEfficiencyValue = If(datarow(1) <> Nothing, Convert.ToDecimal(datarow(1)), 0), _
                                                                                   .CreatedBy = Session(LocalConstant.Ses_UserID), _
                                                                                   .CreatedDate = Now.Date})

                    'Validation here
                    Dim _messages As List(Of String) = _fuelefficiencyRepository.ValidateEntity(ent)

                    If _messages.Count = 0 Then
                        Return Content("")
                        'THIS IS WHERE THE ERROR OCCUR, new kendo window dialog is not popping-up but js file is occuring.
                          Return JavaScript("showErrorMsgsJson('" & _messages.ToJSON() & "','windowDialog')")
                        'NOTE, showGridErrorMsgs is javascript function to call new popup kendo window, see code above
                    End If

        End Function
        I hope you could help me on this to pop-up new kendo window. See attached error image.

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    No answer??
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    Hello Jesureno,

    I answered this question in the support thread on the same topic. I hope the information helps.

    Dimiter Madjarov

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